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  • Winds of Unreason. Montreal: Contact Press, 1957.
  • The Night Unstones. Cambridge, Mass: Identity Press, 1971.
  • Along the Road from Eden. Montreal: Vehicule Press, 1989.
  • The Rhino Gate and Other Poems. Montreal: Vehicule Press, 1996.
  • Portes aux rhinos, tr.Jean Migrenne. Paris: I’Harmattan, 1997.
  • Winterfischer, tr. Hans-Christian Oeser. Munich: Edition Kappa, 2002.
  • Morning Gothic: New and Selected Poems. Montreal: Vehicule Press, 2007.
  • Matin d’horreur, tr. Jean Migrenne. Paris: l’Harmattan, 2008.
  • A Stone in My Shoe: In Search of Neighborhood. Vehicule Press, 2013.
  • Judische und arabische Einnerungen im Dialog. Die Lebenserzahlungen von George Ellenbogen und Evelyn Shakir. Germany: Ergon Press, 2020.


  • “On the Dissolution of the IRA,” an anthology of Canadian literature published by Literary Review (Summer 1965), Teaneck, New Jersey (Fairleigh Dickenson University).
  • “Unter der Linde,” Anthology of Magazine Verse and Yearbook ofAmerican Poetry, 1981.
  • “The Announcement,” Anthology of Magazine Verse and Yearbook of American Poetry, 1980.
  • “Just Another Whisper,” Essential words. An Anthology of Jewish Canadian Poetry, 1985.
  • “Portrait of a Child,” The Fathers Book: Shared Experiences, 1986.
  • translation from Tahar Bekri, Les Grappes de la Nuit, Traductiere, Spring-Summer, 1987.
  • translation from Tahar Bekri, La Retraitedu Printemps, Traductiere, Spring-Summer, 1987
  • translation from Pascal Commere, Les Pres Sont des Linges…Traductiere, Spring-Summer, 1987.
  • translation from Charles Dobzynski, Sonate du Temps,Traductiere, Spring-Summer, 1987.
  • translation from Lionel Ray, En Ce Pays L’Herbe, Traductiere, Spring-Summer, 1987.
  • “On Route 11. Waiting on Blood Tests,” Traductiere, Spring-Summer, 1987.
  • “Family Counseling,” Traductiere, Spring-Summer, 1987.
  • “The End of the Affair,” The Signal Anthology. Montreal, 1993.
  • “The Revisit,” The Signal Anthology. Monttreal, 1993.
  • “The Renewal,” The Signal Anthology. Montreal, 1993.
  • “Unter der Linde,” The Signal Anthology. Montreal, 1993.
  • “The Catatonic Typist,” The Signal Anthology. Montreal, 1993.
  • “The Reconciliation,” The Signal Anthology. Montreal, 1993.
  • “From the Album,” Sheets for Men Only. Virginia, 2004.
  • “Borders of a Canadian Winter Childhood,” Sheets for Men Only. Virginia, 2004.
  • “Homecoming,” Sheets for Men Only. Virginia, 2004.
  • “The Carp in Faige’s Bath,” Sheets for Men Only. Virginia, 2004.
  • “The Estate Agent,” Sheets for Men Only. Virginia, 2004.
  • “The Rhino Gate,” Sheets for Men Only. Virginia, 2004.
  • “Twin Trees at Sheep Pond,” tr. HC Oeser. Translation Ireland: ITIA: Dublin, 2005.
  • “Les Deux Arbres de Sheep Pnd,” tr. Jean Migrenne. Le Frisson Esthetique: France, Winter 2009-10.
  • “Mount Auburn Cemetery – Winter Icons,” Dead in Good Company. 2015.

Magazine Publications

  • Ezra’s Lament, Forge (March 1956), Montreal.
  • Modern Art, Forge (March 1956), Montreal.
  • McLuhan’s Age, Yes (April 1956), Montreal.
  • The Marginal Men, Yes (August 1956), Montreal.
  • Vendetta, Yes (February 1957), Montreal.
  • Just Another Whisper, Existeria (August 1957), Hermosa Beach, CaDelta; ( October 1957), Montreal.
  • Into Other Valleys Delta (October 1957), Montreal.
  • At the Dorchester Bus Terminal, Delta (July 1958), Montreal.
  • The Ballroom, Delta (April 1959), Montreal.
  • Memo of a Surviving Liberal, Delta (December 1960), Montreal.
  • Under the Dome of the British Museum, Queen’s Quarterly(Autumn 1963), Kingston, Ontario.
  • Great Grandma at the Missile Site, Archer (Spring 1964),Hollywood, CA.
  • Travel Talk, Fiddlehead (Summer 1964), Fredericton, New Brunswick.
  • From a Montreal Slide Collection, Delta (October 1966),Montreal.
  • Apparition of the Woman Whose Legs Stopped My Day, Canadian Forum (April-May 1971), Toronto, Ontario.
  • Lullaby for Test Tube Embryos, Georgia Review (Summer 1971),Athens, Georgia.
  • Between the Young Girl and the Man, Canadian Forum (July – August 1971), Toronto, Canada.
  • Persona, Poet-He or I, Discovery (Summer 1971), Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Afterthoughts, Encore (Spring 1975), Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • The Catatonic Typist, Encore (Spring 1975), Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • White Tailed Capuchin Monkey in a Moncton Woolworth’s New Boston Review (Summer 1975), Cambridge, Mass.
  • The Right Issue, Outsider (accepted for publication)
  • The Hour After the Hour, Experiment (accepted for publication).
  • The Equivocator, New Boston Review (Winter 1975), Cambridge, Mass.
  • Portrait of a Child, Boston Today (October, 1978), Boston, Mass.
  • Baron Byng High-A Revisit, Nantucket Review (Fall, 1978), Nantucket, Mass.
  • The Sacrifice of Burton’s Journal, Nantucket Review (Fall, 1978), Nantucket, Mass.
  • Pennsylvania Dutch, Arc (Spring, 1979), Ottawa, Canada.
  • The Woman Who Refused a Mastectomy and Much More, Arc (Spring, 1979), Ottawa, Canada.
  • The Estrangement, Arc (Spring, 1979), Ottawa, Canada.
  • The Alien, Arc (Spring, 1979). Ottawa, Canada.
  • Some Recollections of the Last ORT classes in the Warsaw Ghetto,Blue Unicorn (June, 1979), Kensington, Calif.
  • Elegy for a Child Who Fell, Blue Unicorn (June, 1979), Berkeley, Calif.
  • They Don’t Make Depressions the Way They Used to, Descant(Summer, 1979), Fort Worth, Texas.
  • The Hitchhiker, Dalhousie Review (Summer, 1980), Halifix, Nova Scotia.
  • The Announcement, Waves (Winter, 1979), Toronto, Canada.
  • In a Jungle of Words California State Poetry Quarterly (Winter,1979), Davis, Calif.
  • Outside Nineveh, California State Poetry Quarterly (Winter,1979), Davis, Calif.
  • Below the Fairest Fruit, Poetry Australia ( February, 1980), Berrima, Australia.
  • Outside Ierapetra, Canadian Forum (February, 1980), Toronto,Canada.
  • The Renewal, The Literary Review (Spring, 1980), Madison, New Jersey.
  • Among Other Things Canadian Author and Bookman (May, 1980),Toronto, Canada.
  • Somerville, Canadian Author and Bookman (May, 1980), Toronto,Canada.
  • Unter Der Linde, Canadian Author and Bookman (May, 1980), Toronto, Canada.
  • A Letter from Ierapetra, Kansas Quarterly (Summer, 1982),Manhatten, Kansas.
  • Nantel, Epos (Fall, 1983).
  • Sunset-Trafalgar Square, Epos (Fall, 1983).
  • On Route 11: Waiting on Blood Tests, tr. Marc Baron,Revue Europe, May 1987.
  • The End of the Affair, Partisan Review (no.3), 1987.
  • Frozen White, Matrix. Spring 1987.
  • 747-Storm, Modern Images. Summer 1987
  • Around Harvests, Modern Images. Fall 1987
  • The Skaters, Amelia, 1987.
  • An Artist with Seven Fingers, Amelia, V, 1988.
  • From Martha’s Vineyard, Arc. Autumn 1988.
  • Molivos: Perspective, Arc. Autumn 1988.
  • I Am Always Ready for a Laugh, tr. from the French of Jacques Boulerice, Poetry Review Canada. Spring 1989.
  • To Say… tr. from the French of Monique Laederach, Poetry Review Canada. Spring 1989.
  • Seventh Night, tr. from the French of Jean-Baptiste Para, Poetry Review Canada. Spring 1989.
  • Coach Nixon Walks through the Rose Garden, The Echo Room(Newcastle, England). Spring 1990.
  • Circuit, The Echo Room. Spring 1990.
  • Parlor Car to NY Archaeological Convention, Zymergy, August 1991.
  • The Natives, Zymergy, August 1991. Once in South Dakota, Zymergy, August 1991.
  • Chassidim on the TGV, Kaimana, Hawaii, Winter 1991.
  • Proseno’s Daughter, Blue Unicorn, California, February 1992.
  • Gothic Morning, Prairie Fire, Winnipeg, Summer, 1992
  • The Outpost, Fiddlehead, Fredericton, Winter, 1993.
  • White Tailed Capuchin Monkey in a Moncton Woolworth’s, reprinted in Canadian Writers in Person, WDR 5. English for Seniors, Germany 1992-
  • The End of the Affair, reprinted in Canadian Writers in Person, WDR 5. English for Seniors. Germany, 1992-93.
  • A Letter from Ierapetra, reprinted in Canadian Writers in Person, WDR 5. English for Seniors. Germany, 1992-93.
  • On Route II. Waiting on Blood Tests, reprinted in Canadian Writers in Person, WDR 5. English for Seniors. Germany, 1992-93.
  • McLuhan’s Age, reprinted in Chelsea Hotel, Germany, Summer 1993.
  • An Artist with Seven Fingers, reprinted in Chelsea Hotel,Germany, Summer 1993.
  • Night Train to Zagreb, Chelsea Hotel, Germany, Summer 1993.
  • The Circus Horse, Matrix, Montreal, Canada. Fall 1993.
  • The Carp in Fage’s Bath, Parchment. London, Ontario. 1993-94.
  • from The Rhino Gate, Litspeak, Technische Universitat Dresden (1996), 53-57.
  • Four sections from Worlds of Helene Leneveu: A Correspondence, Salt. XI(1999), 286-293
  • Woody Chase from Worlds of Helene Leneveu: A Correspondence,Boker (a festschrift for Uwe Boker), (September, 2000), 19.
  • Homecoming , Leviathan Quarterly, England, I (September, 2001), 54.
  • Seascape, tr. into Spanish by Isabel Miguel and Jose Lopera. Alora, XVI (September 2001), 48-49.
  • Postdated, Red Cedar Review, XXXVIII, Michigan State University (Winter 2002), 28-29.
  • At Lac Nantel, The Malahat Review, University of Victoria (September 2002), 40.
  • Twin Trees at Sheep Pond, Boulevard (April 2003)
  • It, Boulevard (April 2003)
  • Marais: Fifty Years After, accepted by Stand (England)
  • Aunt Katie’s Outing, Fulcrum, II (2003), 169.
  • Approaching a Photographic Exhibition of Bodies Suspended from Trees, Fulcrum, II (2003) 170.
  • Annual Seder: Further Questions, Fulcrum, II (2003), 171-172.
  • In Time of the Breaking of Bosnia, nth Position. July, 2004.
  • Returning to the Home Destroyed by Fire, nth Position. July 2004.
  • Drizzle of Faces: Tour Group Approaching Auschwitz, accepted by Contemporary Verse 2.
  • Daydream—Interrogation, 1937, accepted by Contemporary Verse 2
  • By the Execution Wall the Villagers Say, accepted byContemporary Verse 2
  • Zwillingsbaum am Sheep Pond, in Translation Ireland, tr. Into German by Hans-Christian Oeser in 2005.
  • Canada Geese, Queens Quarterly. Spring 2007.
  • “Towards Nineveh,” Jewish Journal. Jan 2016.
  • “The End of the Affair,” Honest Ulsterman, February 2020
  • “Going by Rail,” Honest Ulsterman, February 2020
  • “Twin Trees at Sheep Pond,”Honest Ulsterman, February 2020


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